Caravans and Adventure Starting Scenario

As a quasi-Renaissance sort of world, with a distant Frontier town in constant need of supplies, caravans often ply up and down the Klest into and out of St. Merridell. Roads lead into the western side of the city from civilized points west, and draft animals pull flat-bottomed boats against the current until the river gets too rough to continue by that route.

Some forty miles west of St. Merridell is the trading post at Ft. Roque, set up in the foothills where passage by river into St. Merridell becomes impossible. You know, on account of the waterfalls. The rest of the caravan journey into the city is by wagon train.

And it is here that we begin our quest. Figuring that you might as well make some money on a journey you’re making anyway, you’ve hired on as caravan workers, either as an animal handler, a porter, or one of some fifty or sixty guards to keep the monsters at bay during the trip. You’re just off the boat, have had a day or two of rest while the caravaneers ply their goods and pack the wagons (unless you’re a porter, at which point you have a very busy couple of days unloading the boats and loading the wagons).

You’re working for a dwarf named Ymil Latirsson, in a train of about thirty-five wagons loaded with goods.

Caravans and Adventure Starting Scenario

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