The Monks of the Chimneyed Cloister


The Chimneyed Cloister is a monastery where those dedicated to the spiritual perfection through craftsmanship as espoused by the followers of the forge-father Moradin study and work their craft. Not surprisingly, it is entirely populated by dwarves.

The monks quarry clay out of the ground, fell timber to make charcoal, and run a series of underground kilns for their stoneware and ceramics. The exhaust from these kilns gives the cloister its name: only six chimneys protrude aboveground to betray the presence of the monastery; the rest is underneath the surface. (There’s also a closet-sized shed with the stairs into the cloister proper.)

While the teachings of Moradin do not forbid gambling or games of chance, the ascetics have little in the way of money or possessions to be bilked out of. The library is largely concerned with matters of craftsmanship and history, written in the extremely dull, drawn-out dwarven style in angular copperplate.

The abbott’s name is Tavin Bliedsson.


The Monks of the Chimneyed Cloister

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